Retro Culture - Weekend

Over this past year, Australia has emerged as a power-house of originality and talent on the electronic music scene. As we move into the last glistening month of the epic year that has been 2013, small-time Australian dance master “Retro Culture” gives us his second EP release. The two-track EP consists of “Let’s Make It Work” and my personal favourite “Weekend”. Both tunes emanate plush 80s signatures - analog synths, reverb laden vocals, electronic pianos, and some seriously catchy lyrics that you’ll find yourself singing for days afterwards. However, “Weekend” comes out on top for it’s love-sick lyrics “Tell me where you’re going tonight / Maybe we can meet there / Together we can fall in love for the weekend” and complex layers of disco-pop that are just begging to be replayed. The luxury of this track bodes well for Matt Connelly’s future in music.